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What is Zylkene?

Zylkene is a natural ingredient-based nutraceutical supplement designed for cats and dogs. It comes in capsule form, and may offer a range of benefits. These include helping cats and dogs cope with stressful situations.

Zylkene's key components are derived from casein. 

What are the benefits of using Zylkene?

Zylkene promotes relaxation and helps your pet cope with stress. Zylkene's ingredients include casein derivatives. Casein is well known to promote relaxation in new nborns after breast feeding.

Zylkene can be used when your pet is likely to experience a challenging situtation.

These may include:

A visit to the Vet


House Moves

New additions to the family (both human and pet)



If your pet is showing agression or is responding in an unexpected way to the challenge please consult your vet or pet behaviourist.


How to use Zylkene?

Zylkene comes in capsule form and should be administered orally. It can either be broken and sprinkled over your cat or dog’s food, or given whole at an appropriate dosage level:


Cats or Small DogsMedium DogsLarge Dogs

less than 5kg

1 x 75mg zylkene capsule or chew 


1 x 225mg zylkene capsule or chew       


1 x 450mg zylkene capsule or chew       


2 x 75mg zylkene capsule or chew       


2 x 225mg zylkene capsule or chew       


2 x 450mg zylkene capsule or chew       


Short Term Use: Give Zylkene for 1-2 days before the planned event. (Some dogs may require earlier administration of up to a week before the event)

Long Term Use: Givbe Zylkene to your pet for one month then reassess their behaviour. Continue if required or seek advice from your veterinary surgeon.

How to order an Zylkene?

Simply add this product to your basket and check out as normal. No veterinary prescription is required to purchase Zylkene.