Sebolytic Shampoo


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What is Sebolytic Shampoo?

Sebolytic Shampoo is used to help treat dry, scaly or greasy skin on dogs and cats. It has been developed using tea tree oil into a gentle and soothing shampoo to cleanse and remove crusting and scales plus any excess oil on your pet’s skin surface. It comes in a 200ml bottle with measuring cup and a handy usage guidance on the side of the packaging. 

The shampoo has been formulated to regulate the keratinisation process. This allows the natural exfoliation of dead cells on the animal’s skin. Keratin is a vital protein that gives the skin its strength and resilience. It can also regulate sebum production with the added ingredients of Vitamin B6 and zinc gluconate. It also has the effect of regulating oil production on your pet’s skin.  

Apply the shampoo as directed on the packaging after wetting the coat with lukewarm water. Rinse and apply a second time and leave it on for at least five minutes. Rinse through with clean lukewarm water.

How does Sebolytic Shampoo work?

The shampoo contains tea-tree oil which is a natural, essential oil that is made by steaming the leaves of the tea tree, a tree native to Australia. It is believed to be antibacterial. 

How to use Sebolytic Shampoo

It is important that as soon as you receive and open the product, you read and understand the instructions, especially on the recommended use. It is for use as a shampoo only and should not be administered in any other manner. 

How to order Sebolytic Shampoo

You do not need a written prescription for this product. Please read the product description to ensure that the product is suitable. Add it to the basket and complete the checkout process. Your order will then be sent out from the pharmacy straight to you by whatever delivery method you have chosen.