Plaque Off Dental Bites


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Any dog owner will tell you the struggle of brushing their canine’s teeth. Awkwardly holding their jaw, scrubbing around their sharp gnashers. Even with the most gentle and docile of pups, it is a cumbersome process. But unfortunately, dental disease is quite common in dogs and can be extremely uncomfortable. If tartar build-up is left untreated it can result in bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and premature tooth loss. To avoid expensive treatment, maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene is essential. PlaqueOff Dental Bites is a great way of doing this.

100% all natural, these dental bites are free from any additives, artificial preservatives and contains no added sugar. They work by sticking to your dog’s teeth and softening already existing tartar.

Feeding guide

Dog SizeDental Bites
Dogs 10 - 25kg2 - 4 Dental Bites daily
Dogs 25kg+  4 - 6 Dental Bites daily

Results can usually be seen within 2-3 weeks.