KONG Christmas Kickeroo Cat Toy



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What is the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer?

The KONG Kickeroo Reindeer is a cat toy designed to bring joy to your feline companion's festive playtime. The toy is perfect for fetching and cuddling, making it ideal for all different types of cat play. This toy is an ideal choice for cats who enjoy playful activities during the day and nesting in a cosy bed in the evening.

What features does the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer have

The KONG Kickeroo Reindeer boasts a range of features that make it a fantastic choice for your cat's playtime. Firstly, its long length encourages healthy, full-body activity, specifically kicking with hind paws. The toy's fluffy tail is designed to spark your cat's hunting instincts, adding an extra layer of engagement. The soft material of the Kickeroo makes it perfect for snuggling during quieter moments.


Additionally, the inclusion of KONG Premium North American Catnip enhances the overall fun factor, as well as a fun crinkling sound that is perfect for retaining interest and entertainment levels.

Why do cats like the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer?

Cats are naturally drawn to the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer for several reasons. The toy's elongated design encourages a cat's instinct to kick with their hind paws, providing a satisfying and healthy form of play. The fluffy tail stimulates their hunting instincts, allowing them to engage in interactive and mentally stimulating activities. 


The soft material of the Kickeroo makes it an inviting option for snuggling, meeting their desire for comfort and warmth. The crinkling sound produced by the toy adds an auditory element that captivates a cat's attention, keeping them entertained. Additionally, the inclusion of KONG Premium North American Catnip enhances the overall appeal, as many cats are particularly responsive to the stimulating effects of catnip.

Where can you buy the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer?

You can purchase the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer online from UK Pets to include it in your cat's Christmas gift stocking.