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Itrafungol for Cats - 10mg/ml Oral Solution

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What is Itrafungol for Cats?

Itrafungol for Cats treats ringworm, also referred to as dermatophytosis, which is a fungal infection of the skin in cats. The word ringworm is confusing as it is not a worm which causes the infection, but a fungus. The infection found in cats is a pathogenic, asexual fungus which can infect the dead upper layers of the cat’s skin.  

The dosage regime is 0.5 ml/kg/day for three alternate periods of seven consecutive days, each time with seven days without treatment in between.

The syringe shows lines marking each 100 grams of body weight. You administer by pulling the syringe plunger until it reaches the line corresponding to the cat’s body weight. Treat the animal by gently and carefully injecting the liquid into the mouth, making sure your cat swallows it. It is recommended that your cat’s living area is cleaned and disinfected with appropriate fungicidal products, especially in case of group problems.

How does Itrafungol for Cats work?

Itrafungol 10mg/ml Oral Solution

The active ingredient itraconazole works by preventing fungi from producing ergosterol, a vital part of fungal cell membranes. These cell membranes of the fungi are essential for their survival. They keep superfluous substances from getting into the cells and stop the cell’s contents from leaking out.

How can I use Itrafungol for Cats?

It is important that as soon as you receive and open the medication, you read and understand the instructions, especially on the recommended dose. The solution is for oral use only and should not be administered in any other manner. It is important that the recommended dosage is the one as instructed by your vet. 

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How can I order Itrafungol for Cats?

Itrafungol 10mg/ml Oral Solution is a POM-V medication. You will need a valid written prescription from your veterinary surgeon to order this from us. Please carefully select the product and the correct strength and amount. Add it to the basket. You will be asked to upload a valid prescription (alternatively you can email it to us) and then complete checkout. Once our veterinary team reviews and validates your prescription, your order of Itrafungol for Cats will be dispatched from the pharmacy to you by your chosen delivery method.