Xeno Spot-on Solution for Topical Administration


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What is Xeno® Spot-on Solution for Topical Administration?

Xeno® Spot-on Solution for Topical Administration is a treatment for mites, worms and lice on small animals such as ferrets, ornamental birds, pigeons and rabbits. It contains ivermectin as the active ingredient and is applied directly onto the skin. 

It comes under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme (SAES). 

Parasitic infestations among these kinds of popular small animals are not uncommon. Cat fleas can infect rabbits, for instance. All kinds of fleas can easily jump from one animal to another.

It comes in two sizes: 50-Mini Spot-on Solution with nine pipettes where each pipette contains 50 μg ivermectin. The other is 450 Spot-on Solution with six pipettes where each pipette contains 250 μg ivermectin.

The treatment is suitable for the treatments of small rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice, gerbils and any other small rodents up to 1,250g. It can also be used on birds weighing less than 666g. Ivermectin is used in many species for the control of mites, worms and lice.

How does Xeno® Spot-on Solution for Topical Administration work? 

The active ingredient, ivermectin, is a parasiticide, used to treat many animals against infestations of mites, worms and lice.

Ivermectin stimulates excessive release of neuro-transmitters in the parasite’s nervous system. It is thought to work by rendering the parasite paralysed. 

Instructions for Xeno® Spot-on Solution for Topical Administration

Please make sure that as soon as you open the medicine you read and fully understand the instructions, especially when it comes to dosage. 

The medicine is for spot-on use on the animal’s skin only. Please make sure you are guided by your vet when it comes to what dosage to use. 

How to order Xeno® Spot-on Solution for Topical Administration 

You do not need a written prescription for this medication.  Please read the product description and the Summary of Product Characteristics to ensure  that the medication is suitable. Add it to the basket and complete the checkout process. Your  order will be dispatched from the pharmacy to you by your chosen delivery method.