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Vectra 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs

Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs is used for the treatment of flea infestations and ticks in dogs. It contains dinotefuran, permethrin and pyriproxyfen and is for spot-on use on the animal's skin. 

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What is Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs?

Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs is used for the treatment of flea infestations and ticks in dogs. It contains dinotefuran, permethrin and pyriproxyfen and is for spot-on use on the animal's skin. The recommended dose is 0.12ml of the solution per kg bodyweight of the dog.

The flea treatment is for a month and it can prevent the fleas multiplying for two months by stopping the eggs hatching and halting the emergence of adults from eggs.  

The solution also kills tick infestations. After the product is applied, the ticks may stay alive for two days but may die within a week. To remove any tick, it is recommended that you use a tick removal tool.

The treatment provides persistent repellent activity from sand flies. It prevents biting from sand flies, mosquitoes and from stable flies for a month after application. 

Fleas are a common problem in dogs so it is a good idea to treat all dogs in the house too. Cats should be treated with suitable medicine formulated for them. Check the dog’s bedding and areas where it likes to sit or lie, including any furniture, carpet and rug areas. Treat bad infestations with an insecticide and vacuum the area thoroughly and frequently.

The treatment comes with three pipettes and in 0.8ml, 1.6ml, 3.6ml, 4.7ml and 8ml measures. Each ml contains 54mg dinotefuran, 4.84mg pyriproxyfen and 397mg permethrin. Check the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for full dosage information. 

How does Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs work?

Dinotefuran works as an insecticide. It has a structure which comes from the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and it works by acting on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of the insect nerve synapse. Pyriproxyfen can be used indoors or out and impedes the growth of fleas. 

Instructions for Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs

It is important that when you receive and open the medication, you read and understand the instructions, especially when it comes to the dosage. 

The medicine is for spot-on use only on your dog and should not be used any other way or ingested. It is important that you keep to the recommended dosage and your vet should be able to advise you on the dose required.  

How to order Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs 

Vectra® 3D Spot-On Solution for Dogs belongs to the NFA-VPS classification of veterinary medicines. These types of medicines do not require a prescription and may be supplied by an RQP such as a vet, a pharmacist or an appropriately qualified SQP.

Because a prescription is not required, you can order this medicine by adding the required option to your basket and then checking out and completing the payment. Provided that your order is deemed suitable by our vet or pharmacist, it will be dispatched from our pharmacy to your chosen delivery method.

We offer a range of delivery methods with next day delivery available so you can have your order with you quickly and discreetly.


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