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Synulox Palatable Drops, Powder for Oral Suspension

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What is Synulox? 

Synulox is a prescription-only medicine, which is prescribed by veterinary surgeons to treat a variety of diseases caused by bacteria in both dogs and cats. It has been proven to be effective in treating conditions such as soft tissue infections, skin diseases, periodontal infections, infections of the urinary tract, diseases of the upper and lower respiratory system and enteritis, which is an inflammation of the lower intestine.

For conditions including skin infections and urinary tract infections the dosage is 0.25ml of the solution per 1kg of body weight of the animal being treated to be given twice daily.

For stubborn cases which are harder to treat, generally those of the respiratory tract, there is evidence to show that doubling the dose to 0.5 ml of the solution twice daily is more effective.

How does Synulox work?

Synulox is a broad-spectrum antibiotic medicine which can be used in both dogs and cats for a variety of infections.

It is a prescription-only veterinary medicine containing the active ingredients amoxicillin trihydrate and clavulanic acid which work by targeting both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in the dog or cat. Gram-negative bacteria are often harder to treat as their cell walls often prevent penetration by antibiotics.

It works by acting on the bacteria which is causing the infection in the host dog or cat and preventing that bacteria from producing protein, which in turn prevents the bacteria from growing and spreading and thus halts the spread of infection in the dog or cat. It works as an antimicrobial agent and an antibacterial drug.

What are the benefits of Synulox? 

Synulox contains amoxicillin trihydrate which is a broad-spectrum antibiotic meaning that it works against a variety of bacterial infections. It also contains the ingredient clavulanic acid which 

One of the key benefits of Synulox is that it also contains potassium clavulanate, which works effectively against two different types of bacteria, both gram positive and gram negative, of which gram negative bacteria are often harder to treat as they can be resistant to the action of many antibiotics.

Synulox palatable drops can also be safely used in pregnant and lactating animals.