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Scruffs Wilton Sofa bed Brown

With a diamond pattern stitching and a quilted outer fabric, the Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed is a luxurious, plush bed your pet will sink into and sleep soundly. Providing warmth and comfort, the bed also works for you. Protecting your sofa from hair and odour, it is a must for any dog owner.

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Dog owners alike all know just how active dogs can be. They are constantly running around exploring and sniffing their surroundings. This high level of activity makes their rest even more important as they prepare for another day of fun. Just like when buying a bed for yourself, it’s so crucial to find the right bed. There are a few things to consider when finding the perfect bed for your pooch:


A bed isn’t just for sleeping as many dogs will choose it as the place to relax after a long, hard day. Whether they want to relax and watch tv with you or snuggle up whilst you’re out and wait for you to come home. They need to feel comfortable in their bed, not like it’s too small and feel awkward trying to fit into it. It’s crucial that your bed can fit your dog in its entirety and handily, most dog beds come in a range of sizes like the Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed which is available in four different sizes. From a Chihuahua to a Saint Bernard, the ideal sized dog bed is out there for your pet. You just have to look and know your measurements.


Dog beds come in a range of shapes as well as sizes. The shape of bed you’ll need is dependent on how your dog likes to relax. Round beds are great for dogs that typically, like to curl up whereas mattress style beds are great if your dog likes lying flat and stretching out. If you aren’t sure which position your dog prefers or if they like to switch things up, it would be best to get a bed which is big enough to give them the room to do multiple positions.


Your dog’s bed should be comfortable and well-padded like the Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed which is lined with luxurious, plush fur. It must also be easily washable. If you’re a family of campers or adventurers and you want to take your dog bed with you, a sturdier material is best.


Where is the best place to put your dog’s bed? It’s recommended that you place it somewhere warm and draught-free. It’s also a good idea to give them options so if you can do so, owning a couple of dog beds is a good idea. One can be placed in a quiet area in the house so they can relax and rest without being disturbed and another placed where the family spends time together so they can be with you and still rest.


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