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What is Samylin?

Samylin is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs whose owners are concerned about their liver’s health. It comes in tablet or sachet form, and Samylin tablets should be given whole rather than crushed. 

Samylin’s main active ingredient is SAMe, which acts a precursor of glutathione. The liver requires SAMe, and appropriately elevated levels increase this important organ’s functioning levels. Samylin also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

What are the benefits of using Samylin?

Liver malfunction of any kind may be uncomfortable and significantly reduce your cat or dog’s quality of life. Samylin provides cat and dog owners with an easily administered product which can be highly effective in supporting and promoting normal and healthy liver function. 

Samylin is also available in convenient sachet form meaning that cat and dog owners do not need to measure each quantity individually.

How to use Samylin

To use Samylin, following the dosage scales below:

  • For cats or dogs weighing 5kg or less, administer one Samylin sachet a day
  • For dogs weighing 5-10kg, administer two small breed sachets a day
  • For dogs weighing 10-20kg, administer one medium sachet a day
  • For dogs weighing 20-30kg, administer two medium sachets a day
  • For dogs weighing 30-40kg administer two large breed sachets a day

Sachets can simply be poured over your cat or dog’s usual feed. 

If your cat or dog has a known allergy or intolerance to any of Samylin’s ingredients, then this product should be avoided.

How to order Samylin

You do not need a written prescription for this product. Please read the product description to ensure that the product is suitable. Add it to the basket and complete the checkout process. Your order will be dispatched from the pharmacy to you by your chosen delivery method.