Russel Rabbit Bedding


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As many of us know, rabbits are hugely active creatures who love to run around and explore. This hopping, running, and digging uses a lot of energy which will leave them needing a good rest. It’s important to choose a high-quality bedding to ensure that your rabbit is kept warm and sleeps soundly. 

A rabbit’s bedding must not be made of any toxic materials as many will often eat their bedding. By using high quality barley straw, Russell Rabbit Bedding provides a soft, warm bed and a midnight snack. 

Whilst they sleep, rabbits’ temperatures do tend to drop. Therefore, their bedding must not only be soft to the touch but dense enough to keep them feeling warm and safe.

Do rabbits need somewhere separate to sleep?

Just like us, rabbits do not want to do everything in one space. It is highly recommended that you create a separate sleeping area for your rabbit, which is different from where they explore or relax. This will make them feel more comfortable. Rabbits mainly sleep in the late afternoon and early evening because they are crepuscular, which means they are at their most active during twilight periods of dusk and dawn.

As simple as it sounds, an upside-down cardboard box would provide a wonderful sleeping location for a rabbit. Wild rabbits sleep underground, and the box would be very similar to the conditions of a wild rabbit warren.

What makes a good rabbit bed?

Many things are universal when it comes to building the perfect bunny bed. When choosing the material for their sleeping location, you should consider the following points:

  • Is it comfortable?
  • It must be a different location to their litter.
  • Is it absorbent for night-time accidents?
  • Will they be safe in it?
  • Can your rabbit move around in the bedding?
  • Will the material balance their temperature, both hot and cold?
  • Is it fun for the rabbit? 
  • Is it biodegradable?

Russell Rabbit Bedding answers yes to all of these questions, making it a perfect bunny bed.