Rearguard for Rabbits

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What is Rearguard for Rabbits?

Rearguard for Rabbits is used for the prevention of blowfly strike in rabbits. The active ingredient is cyromazine. The clear solution is applied to the skin and comes ready to use in a 25ml bottle with applicator. 

A blowfly infestation, or myiasis, can be a stressing condition affecting domestic rabbits, especially during the summer. Under certain circumstances, flies are attracted to lay their eggs on the rabbit. The larvae, when hatched, can attack the rabbit’s healthy skin tissue and can lead to considerable damage. 

How does Rearguard for Rabbits work? 

The active ingredient is cyromazine. Rearguard does not kill the adult maggots but prevents eggs laid by the flies growing and thriving. 

Rabbits should be first treated in early summer to help eradicate blowfly (Lucilia sericata) and before any flies are spotted. 

Rearguard comes in a bottle with built-in applicator sponge. Apply the medication using the sponge applicator and make sure the fur is thoroughly wet with the solution from the back to the end of the tail. 

Instructions for Rearguard for Rabbits

It is important that you understand the information enclosed with the product so please take time to read it. The product is for applying on your rabbit’s skin and should be used in any other way. 

How to order Rearguard for Rabbits 

Rearguard for Rabbits is an NFA-VPS medication. You do not need a prescription for this product; however, we will need some more information about your pet to ensure it is suitable. You will be prompted to answer some additional questions before check-out. Please answer these questions and complete the checkout process. Once our veterinary team has reviewed and validated your prescription, your order will be sent out from the pharmacy straight to you by whatever delivery method you have chosen.