Rabbit Harness/Lead


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When considering a harness/leash for your rabbit, it’s particularly important to note that some rabbits will never be comfortable using one. They will detest wearing one and it will make them extremely uncomfortable. If you find that your rabbit dislikes wearing a harness, it is recommended that you respect it’s wishes and do not attempt to force one on. However, if your rabbit doesn’t mind wearing a harness or even likes it, then the Ancol Rabbit Harness/Lead is the perfect choice. 

It sounds almost comical, but a rabbit is not a dog. Therefore, it will not walk like one even with a leash attached. It’s important to never let your rabbit out of sight whilst wearing their harness/leash, as they may randomly dart away from you. What is a concern to them, may not be to us. Something that terrifies your bunny may not even make you blink, so it’s crucial to always keep an eye on them and keep a strong hold on the leash. 

Your rabbit will acquire some time to get accustomed to the harness which is best to do indoors. Before running out with your bunny, try the harness inside your home or the safety of your garden before trying it in the wide open world.