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Just like with humans, water is vital to rabbits and they must always have plentiful access to it. How much water they drink is dependent on their diet, for example rabbits who eat more fresh green vegetables and fresh grass will not need to drink as much. They will be getting a lot of hydration from their food. However, rabbits who eat drier substances such as hay, will require more water to supplement for their dry diet.

Keeping your rabbit hydrated is essential as it keeps their digestive system moving. Ingested food must be kept moist whilst it moves through your bunny’s system to avoid an incredibly serious problem called Gastro-Intestinal Stasis, which is life-threatening. Water is also key in keeping every cell and major organ in your rabbit’s body alive, is a huge part of their blood and helps to flush out any excess calcium. 

It is important to note however, that your rabbit can drink too much water. If your rabbit suddenly starts upping their drinking habits, this is a sign of Polydipsia, which is the medical term for excess thirst in rabbits. This isn’t always due to a concerning medical reason, for example if your rabbit is simply feeling hot during the warm summer months or if they are shedding. The ‘correct’ amount of water to drink varies per rabbit and it comes down to three main factors:

  • Your rabbit’s weight
  • Your rabbit’s lifestyle and personality
  • Seasonal changes

If you have any concerns over your rabbit’s drinking, it’s particularly important to speak to your veterinarian.