Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets


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What are Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets

Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets is a pleasant tasting pellet which is high in fibre and which encourages good digestion in rabbits and small pets. It also contains probiotics and prebiotics and comes in a 800g tub.

It can be sprinkled on your pet’s food or fed to them freely or as recommended by your vet.  

Pro-Fibre for rabbits is flavoured with dandelion and contains many sources of fibre, plus high levels of soluble and also insoluble fibre. It is wise to add lots of fibre to a rabbits’ diet and is a vital part of what they should eat day to day. The dangers of not enough fibre in the diet can lead to problems with digestion, especially of the hind gut. Rabbits which do not eat enough fibre can develop soft and loose droppings. This may have the effect of making them susceptible to flystrike and other similar conditions. 

The addition of the probiotic called saccharomyces cerevisiae, a live yeast, assists in the repopulation of the gut and intestine with ‘good’ microorganisms. The further addition of Preplex prebiotics - fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) and acacia (or gum arabic) - helps with the stimulation to aid the growth of beneficial bacteria.

It can be given daily, or as recommended by your vet.  

How do Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets work?

Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets contains wheat feed, grass meal, the hulls of soya bean, oat feed, sugar beet pulp wheat bran, linseed, brewers' yeast and Preplex prebiotic in the form of fructo-oligosaccharide. To this is added gut flora stabilisers, Protexin probiotic called saccharomyces cerevisiae and Preplex prebiotic acacia in the form of gum arabic. 

How to use Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets

It is important that as soon as you receive and open the medication, you read and understand the instructions, especially on the recommended dose. The pellets are for oral use only with food and should not be administered in any other manner. 

How to order Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets 

You do not need a prescription for this product. Ordering Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits and Small Pets is simple. Carefully choose the correct size and amount that you need. Add the product to your basket. Complete the checkout process, and Protexin Pro Fibre will be sent to you by your preferred delivery method.