Protexin Fibreplex


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What are Protexin Fibreplex?

Protexin Fibreplex is an orally administered nutritional supplement which promotes and supports normative digestive function and supplies appropriate fibre levels in rabbits. Its ingredients include fibre, preplex prebiotics, and probiotics. It comes as a paste contained in a 15ml syringe.

What are the benefits of using Protexin Fibreplex?

Each of Protexin Fibreplex’s component ingredients offer specific benefits to you rabbit. Fibre aids the passage of food through the digestive system while prebiotics and probiotics encourage the growth of microflora in the gut. Protexin Fibreplex can be helpful if your rabbit if it has a reduced apetite or is on a course of antibiotics.

How to use Protexin Fibreplex

Protexin Fibreplex should be given by mouth.

Use the ring lock to accurately dose your rabbit.

Give 1ml per kg of weight 3 times daily

Use for as long as is necessary.

These dosages are only intended to serve as a general guide, and may be altered in consultation with your vet. 

If your pet has a known allergy or intolerance to any of Protexin Fibreplex’s ingredients, then this product should be avoided. 

How to order Protexin Fibreplex

You do not need a prescription for this product. Ordering Protexin Fibreplex for your animal is simple. Carefully choose how many syringes you need and add the product to your basket. Complete the checkout process, and Protexin Fibreplex will be sent to you by your preferred delivery method.