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Due to medical advice, some pet owners spend a good portion of their day preparing medication. This may involve a lot of individual tablets or a few exceptionally large pills. Either way, this can be very time consuming and difficult. Pill crusher products are used to make pills easier to consume. If your pet has trouble swallowing pills, or is required to take multiple tablets at one time, this pill crusher would be a great addition to your pet's medication routine.

1. Wash the pill crusher before use.

2. If your pills are quite large, it may be easier to break the pill into small pieces first.

3. Take off the lid and place the pills into the body of the pill crusher.

4. Replace the lid and mount the handle on the drive shaft.

5. To alter the coarseness of the crushed pills, remove the container and turn the adjustment knob.

6. Turn the handle clockwise to begin crushing the pills.

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