Healthspan Multivitality Senior for Dogs


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What is MultiVitality Senior for Dogs?

As we age, it’s essential that humans take in the right number of needed vitamins and minerals. It’s exactly the same for aging dogs, as they will need an energising boost to keep them feeling at their best. As dogs age, they are likely to lose the ability to absorb key vitamins. MultiVitality Senior for Dogs is a delicious and easy way to help give your dog the boost it needs.

What are the benefits of using MultiVitality Senior for Dogs?  

This expert and high-quality multivitamin contains just the right balance of 15 essential nutrients including B vitamins, zinc, copper and biotin to give your dog’s internal health a big boost. Included in the tablet is essential vitamins such as vitamin D, which is well-known for strengthening bones and teeth. MultiVitality Senior for Dogs also includes Co-enzyme Q10, otherwise known as the ‘bio-chemical spark plug’, to boost your dog’s energy levels and B vitamins to support a healthy heart and keep their skin and hair shiny.

How to use MultiVitality Senior for Dogs?

The tablets should be either added whole or if necessary, broken up into your dog’s food and mixed in well.


Recommended dosage:


Small dogs (2.5 - 9kg) - 2 tablets daily.


Medium dogs (10 - 24kg) - 3 tablets daily.


Large dogs (25kg +) - 4 tablets daily.

How to order MultiVitality Senior for Dogs? 

You do not need a prescription for this product.  

Ordering MultiVitality Senior for Dogs for your pet is simple. Add the product to your basket, complete the checkout process, and it will be sent to you by your preferred delivery method.