Hamster/Small Pets Bedding


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The correct bedding is vital to your pet living happily and comfortably and different pets need different bedding to suit their varying needs. Whilst rabbits require straw and hay, guinea pigs prefer paper, hamsters and mice need fibre bedding. As a pet owner, you want to do all you can to give your small animal the best home possible and like when purchasing a bed for yourself, there are many factors to consider when purchasing bedding for your hamster.



Comfort should always be your top priority when it comes to your hamster’s bedding. If your small animal is trying to make a nest from a spikey material or is having to walk across a coarse surface, they will not feel at home or like they can easily sleep. Softer, smoother materials are usually the best option.



Although hamsters prefer to live in a dry and hot environment, they will still urinate often in their own habitat. Their bedding needs to be absorbent enough to cope with this excess moisture for not only their wellbeing but to avoid health problems which occur from continuously being in a damp environment.



Like many pets, hamsters can create smelly messes for you to clean up and this includes their urine. To stop your pet from living in a potent environment, their bedding must be able to control their urine scent in between cleaning sessions. 



Due to their large cheek pouches, it’s not an impossibility that your hamster may accidentally swallow some of their bedding whilst nest bedding. Because of this, it’s crucial that the bedding you choose for them will not cause any harm if accidentally swallowed. For example, cotton wool should not be used as it can clog up the digestive tract once swallowed.