Equest Pramox Horse Wormer (Oral Gel for Horses & Ponies)

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What is Equest Pramox?

Equest Pramox Horse Wormer

Equest Pramox Oral Gel for Horses and Ponies is an effective combination dewormer that works against a number of infestations including small redworms, large redworms, tapeworms and bots. Equest Pramox treats parasites in both adult and larval stages to offer reliable protection to your horse.

Suitable for use on horses up to 700kg in body weight, the treatment is recommended in both autumn and spring to maintain year-round protection from worm infestations. It’s long-lasting, with one dose remaining active for up to 13 weeks. Equest Oral Gel for Horses and Ponies should be used in the winter and summer.

Equest Pramox Horse Wormer is an oral gel that comes in an easy-to-use syringe for simple administration and should be taken by your horse orally. It only requires a single dose to kill any worm infestations and is suitable for pregnant or lactating horses.

This medication is specifically for horses. If you are looking to deworm another animal then you should seek a suitable alternative.

How does Equest Pramox Horse Wormer work?

The active ingredients in Equest Pramox Horse Wormer are moxidectin and praziquantel. These substances each target different worms and they work by attaching to the parasite and intercepting nerve function. Through doing this, they paralyze the worm and it can then be passed out of your horse through their stool. However, you may not notice the passed worms, as they can often be destroyed by the bowels.

The moxidectin in this medication is also less toxic to beetles and other insects than ivermectin is (another common worming medicine). Beetles and insects are key for helping to break up dung, so if this is not collected then pastures can remain cleaner and healthier with this medicine than ivermectin-based alternatives.

How do I use Equest Pramox Horse Wormer?

When you receive the Equest Pramox Horse Wormer, it’s important to read and understand the dosage instructions. The strength and dose of the medicine will depend on the size of your horse and the exact details of their condition.

Equest Pramox Horse Wormer should be given to horses / ponies orally. One syringe is sufficient at treating horses up to 700kg in body weight. If your horse weighs more than this, they may require additional syringes. It should not be used on horses under the age of six and a half months.

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