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Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses: 7.6mg/ml

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What is Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses?

Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses is used to sedate horses for the purpose of minor husbandry procedures (such as shoeing or clipping) as well as non-invasive veterinary procedures (such as rasping teeth, radiography and the passage of naso-gastric tube).

Sedating horses for these purposes is normally the preferred way to avoid pain or distress. 

This is a reliable medication that is absorbed quickly thanks to its application under the tongue, and it comes in an easy-to-use syringe to enable highly accurate dosing.

How does Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses work?

The active ingredient in Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses is detomidine hydrochloride, which is a sedative. It has analgesic properties and reduces the activity of neurotransmitters to create profound lethargy and a reduced sensitivity to stimuli in the surrounding environment.

The drug is fast-acting and is absorbed quickly; it takes approximately 40 minutes to kick in once the gel has been administered under the tongue. It then continues to work for approximately 90-180 minutes, giving you the peace of mind that your horse should stay free from distress until the required procedure is complete.

You should use this product as directed by your veterinary surgeon  

Instructions for Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses

When you receive the medication, it’s important to read and understand the dosage instructions. The strength and dose of the medicine will depend on the size of your horse and the exact details of their procedure.

The gel should be administered sublingually rather than orally. This means that the gel is not designed to be swallowed, but rather placed under your horse’s tongue until it is absorbed through the lining of the gums. This method allows the drug to get into the system much quicker than with a treatment that has to be ingested.

After giving your horse Domosedan Oromucosal Gel, they should be kept somewhere quiet for 30-40 minutes while the medicine kicks in. After this, your horse should be ready for their procedure. Although your horse will seem sedated, you should still take care around them (particularly around their hind legs) as some horses can still respond to things happening externally, even when sedated.

After the procedure has taken place, be sure not to give your horse any food or water until the sedative has completely worn off. This can take 2-3 hours.

You should use this product as directed by your veterinary surgeon  

How to order Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses

Domosedan Oromucosal Gel for Horses is a prescription-only medication, which means you will first need a valid prescription from a vet before your order will be dispatched. You can still add the item to your basket, checkout and pay but we won’t be able to send the order out until we’ve received the prescription.

Start by getting a prescription from a vet and then place your order for the recommended medication. Our team will check the prescription against the item ordered to ensure its suitability. Once this has been approved, your order will be dispatched from our dispensary to your chosen delivery method.

We offer a range of delivery methods with next day delivery available so you can have your order with you quickly and discreetly.