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Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs - 50mg / 62.5mg Tablets

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What is Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs? 

Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs

Clavaseptin is a prescription-only medicine that is prescribed for dogs that have periodontal (dental) infections and can also be used to treat cats that have skin infections, including wounds and abscesses. In both animals, the infection needs to have been caused by bacteria, which can be treated using amoxicillin- the primary ingredient in Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs. 

It contains the key active ingredients amoxicillin (a type of antibiotic) and clavulanic acid. 

For dogs which have dental infections, the treatment should last for seven days. For the treatment of skin infections in cats (including wounds and abscesses) treatment can last between 7-14 days depending on what your vet advises. Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs comes in an easy to administer and palatable tablet form.

You should use this product as directed by your veterinary surgeon  

How does Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs work?

Clavaseptin Palatable Tablets for Cats & Dogs

Clavaseptin is an antibiotic medicine that can be used in both dogs and cats for the treatment of different infections which are caused by the spread of bacteria. 

In cats, it can be used for infections of the skin which are commonly caused by bacteria, or when there is a wound or abscess present. For dogs, it can be used to treat dental infections. 

The main active ingredient in Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs is amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic and works to treat bacterial infections in dogs and cats. Amoxicillin works by stopping the bacteria from developing fully and forming a cell wall, thus killing the bacteria and preventing the spread of infection within the cat or dog.

Clavulanic acid is an enzyme inhibitor, which works in partnership with the amoxicillin and prevents the function of enzymes, known as beta-lactamases, which are produced by the bacteria and prevent the amoxicillin from working properly. Working together the two active ingredients rapidly prevent the spread of infection in your pet and so they are back to health in no time. 

What are the benefits of Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs? 

Clavaseptin is easily administered to your dog or cat as it comes in a palatable tablet form.

It works quickly on the root of infections beginning to work in the first couple of hours.

It is proven to work quickly and effectively to treat infections in dogs and cats.

How do I use Clavaseptin Palatable Tablets for Cats & Dogs?

When you receive Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs, it’s important to read and understand the dosage instructions. The strength and dose of the medicine will depend on your individual animal’s needs.

It should always be used as directed by your vet.

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How can I order Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs?

Clavaseptin Tablets for Cats & Dogs are a prescription-only medication, which means you will first need a valid prescription from a vet before your order will be dispatched. You can still add the item to your basket, checkout and pay but we won’t be able to send the order out until we’ve received the prescription.

Start by getting a prescription from a vet and then place your order for the recommended medication. Our team will check the prescription against the item ordered to ensure its suitability. Once this has been approved, your order of Clavaseptin for Cats & Dogs will be dispatched from our dispensary to your chosen delivery method.