Burgess Supafoods Excel Fresh Forage


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What is Burgess Excel Fresh Forage? 

Excel Fresh Forage is dried fresh grass from Burgess is a tasty pure and natural grass, which has the dust extracted and is free from additives. A gentle drying method is used to seal in the natural flavour, making it tempting to even fussy eaters. The dust is extracted to help reduce respiratory problems and the food is good for healthy teeth as chewing on forage helps to wear down teeth. 

Nutritional values: beneficial fibre 55%, crude fibre 28.5%, protein 14% and Vitamin C 150mg/kg. 

What are the benefits of using Burgess Excel Fresh Forage? 

Hay is important to aid good digestive health for your rabbit or guinea pig. Your rabbits’ teeth grow all the time and munching hay helps wear them down. Eating hay regularly helps to prevent rabbits developing sharp-edged hooks on their teeth which are known as ‘molar spurs’. It has the added effect of helping them not get bored. 

When feeding your rabbit, always make sure they have clean water at all times. It is a good idea to give a controlled amount of commercial pellets and leafy greens as a top-up. Around an adult person’s handful of leafy, dark greens and somewhere between 1 or 2 eggcups of pellets each day is recommended, depending on the size of your pet. Ideally, your rabbit should also have access to growing grass they can graze on. In addition, small pieces of carrot or apple can be given now and then as a treat. 

Burgess Excel Fresh Forage is suitable for all fibrevores.

How much Burgess Excel Fresh Forage should I give my pet? 

Your rabbits’ eating regime should include at least one bundle of high-quality hay per day. As a guide the amount should be around the size of your pet. Your rabbits' diet plan should always include clean water.  

How to order Burgess Excel Fresh Forage

Ordering Burgess Excel Fresh Forage for your rabbit or guinea pig is simple. Carefully choose the correct size and type of food and the amount that you need. Add the product to your basket. Complete the checkout process, and Burgess Excel Fresh Forage will be sent to you by your preferred delivery method.