Boredom Breaker Rabbit Tube


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In the UK, rabbits are a loved and popular pet but sadly, many aren’t given the space they need to flourish. No bunny owner would want to see their pet suffer or feel bored, you want them to be happy and enjoy the environment you have created for them. 

Rabbits can be slow creatures, as well as running around exploring. They naturally like to take naps throughout the day, so don’t mistake a sleepy bunny as a bored bunny. One quite common sign of rabbits being bored is if they are constantly chewing at the door or wire to their home to get out. Also chewing on inappropriate items constantly can be a sign or not showing an interest in what is going on around them.

The Boredom Breaker Rabbit Tube is a great way to prevent boredom in your bunny. But is there anything else you can also do to help keep their day exciting and fun?

  • Ensure they have enough space to run around.
  • Let them forage for their food, don’t make it so readily available. Scatter it, mix it with their hay and make them search.
  • Give them great toys to play with, climb over and to gnaw on.
  • Try not to give them all their toys at once, they make get bored of them very quickly and at the same time.
  • Fill a planter with potting compost to protect your grass from being a mess of holes.