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How to buy your pet medication online at Christmas?

In this article, we're here to help you sort out getting your pet's medication over Christmas. We'll cover when UK Pets is open during the holidays, so you can purchase the medication that your pet needs without experiencing any delays. We will also cover what medications you can purchase from UK Pets over the festive period, as well as other items such as toys and beds.

Why should you get your pet medications online at Christmas?

Getting your pet's meds online at Christmas is a smart move for a few reasons. It's super convenient because you can order from home, avoiding the chaos of crowded shops or vets during the holidays. Plus, if you order your pet medications online from UK Pets over Christmas, we will deliver them right to your door, saving you a trip during a time when everyone just wants to be at home. 

Can you get prescription medications for pets online during the Christmas period?

Yes, you can get prescription medications for pets online during the Christmas period from UK Pets. UK Pets offers a convenient way for pet owners to access necessary medications without the need to visit a physical shop. Ordering online from UK Pets is a practical solution, offering both convenience and accessibility during the festive season. At UK Pets, our opening times over the Christmas period are as follows:

UK Pets Christmas Opening Times 2024

Below, you can find the opening times for UK Pets over the Christmas period, as well as the last order dates for Christmas.

Last Order Dates


Last order date pre-Christmas

Standard DeliveryMonday 18th December

Opening Times



02.01.24Open As Normal

How do I order a pet prescription online at Christmas?

Ordering a pet prescription online at Christmas is a straightforward process when you use UK Pet Drugs:

  1. Explore Our Range: Find the right medication for your pet's needs, with many available on subscription for automatic delivery.

  2. Prescription Upload (If Needed): For prescription meds, add to your basket and proceed to checkout. Upload the vet's prescription during ordering.

  3. Select From Our Delivery Options: Choose your delivery method during checkout. Prescription items ship once we've verified the prescription.

  4. Use Our Discreet Delivery: Your order, dispatched discreetly in unbranded boxes from our UK dispensary, will reach you quickly.

Is it safe to buy pet medication online during the festive period?

Yes, buying pet medication online during the festive period from reputable sources like UK Pets is very safe. UK Pets is a trusted, registered VMD and RCVS provider of pet medications and products. We ensure the quality and authenticity of the medications that we offer.

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