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How much does owning a cat cost?

Cats make great pets. Owning a cat can be very fulfilling, and the companionship cats can provide is virtually second to none. Owning a cat, however, is not something to take lightly. Not only are they a huge commitment in terms of the care that you need to give them, but they are also a large financial commitment. People may not be aware of this, leading to many cats being abandoned. To avoid this, you should do your research before you get a cat to ensure that you will be able to look after it properly. In this article, we will go in-depth on the financial aspects of owning a cat including the initial costs, the accessories you will need, the potential vet bills, and more costs that you may find. 

What are the initial costs of getting a cat?

You will face a few initial costs when you first get your cat. When you get a cat you can either adopt them from a shelter, or you can purchase them from a licensed breeder.

How much does cat insurance cost?

When you get a cat, you will need to get them insured so that you are covered just in case something were to happen to them. The cost of cat insurance will vary on a number of factors, including the breed of your cat. Breeds such as ragdoll and Maine coon will cost more to insure than a Persian, for example. On average, cat insurance will cost around £130 a year. 

How much do cat vaccinations cost?

Cats can be given their vital vaccinations from nine weeks old and will require a booster when they reach three months old. Vaccinations are used to cover them against a number of conditions including rabies and Feline Leukaemia Virus. When they have been fully vaccinated, the total cost will be around £70 per set of vaccinations. Vaccinations are usually required once a year to keep the protection for the cat topped up.

How much does it cost to neuter my cat?

Neutering or spaying a female cat will mean that it can no longer have any kittens. Female cats will be spayed, and male cats can be neutered. On average, it will cost around £75 to neuter a male cat, and around £100 to spay a female, although both of these procedure costs can be higher. 

How much does it cost to microchip a cat?

Microchipping your cat is a vital step you must tick when you first get your cat. On average, getting your cat microchipped in the UK will cost between £20 and £30. It is important that your cat is microchipped as it will help to identify them if they are lost or if the worst happens and the cat owner needs to be identified. 

How much does cat food cost?

A cat needs food. The secret to having a happy feline friend is through their stomach. It is important that your cat is given high-quality food to ensure that they are healthy. On average, it will cost around £15 per month to purchase all of the food that your cat needs, although this may be higher depending on the quality of the food you buy. 

What are the costs of the accessories that cats need?

How much do cat toys cost?

Keeping your cat entertained is another great way to keep them happy. When your cat is bored, they are more likely to be naughty. Buying your cat toys can be expensive as there are many boutique shops that offer a wide variety of special toys. However, you can pick up some great toys for not much money. You can get high-quality toys for around £5. There is also the option to improvise and entertain your cat with homemade toys. Most cats love playing with ping pong balls and empty boxes. So before you throw that empty box away, pop it on the floor and see if your kitty shows any interest.

How much do cat beds cost?

Getting your cat a bed is important as it can get them into the routine of sleeping in that as opposed to your bed, sofa, or anywhere you wouldn’t want them to. Beds can be expensive, however, the average cost of a cat bed will be around £25. In their lifetime, a cat will probably need around two to three beds, depending on how destructive they are. 

How much do cat collars cost?

Having a collar for your cat is important as, if they go missing, they can be identified by the details provided on their tag. Getting your cat a collar is especially important if your cat is an outdoor cat, as opposed to an indoor cat. A collar can vary in cost, however, you should be able to get what you need for around £10.

How much does a cat litter tray cost?

A litter tray is an important accessory when you own a cat. Indoor cats especially will need a litter tray so that they can do their business in the home. Thankfully, basic litter trays are relatively inexpensive whilst still getting the job done. On average, you will spend around £10 on a basic litter tray. 

How much does keeping your cat healthy cost?

How much do vet bills for a cat cost?

Vet bills can be the biggest expense that you face when you own a cat. It is hard to determine how much you would usually spend on vets' bills because you never know what is going to happen with your cat's health. Having good pet insurance will help, however, you could end up spending anywhere between £200-£1,500 per year, depending on the treatment and medications your pet needs. You can however save money on your vet bills by using an online vet service such as PocketVet.

What do routine worming treatments for cats cost?

Ensuring that your cats are getting the flea and worm treatments that they need is very important. Thankfully it is simple to get these treatments by using the parasite prevention pack from PocketVet, a handy service that ensures you get all the treatments you need every month from just £6.49.

What are some costs that people may not think about?

How much does cat daycare cost?

Thankfully, cats are relatively independent animals that can look after themselves whilst you go to work. As long as they are left with fresh water and plenty of food, then even the fussiest house cat will be fine left unattended during the day. You may however need to pay for boarding your cat whilst you go abroad on holiday. On average, the cost of boarding a cat for two weeks a year is around £170.

How much does cat grooming cost?

Some cats, especially longer-haired breeds, will need to be regularly groomed in order to make sure that they look their best. Some breeds however will only require a brush every now and then. For breeds that need grooming, the cost will vary from around £30 to £90, depending on what service you need. 

How much does a cat passport cost?

Cat passports may sound like something that isn’t real, however, they are required if you are going to be taking your cat abroad. In order to get a passport, your cat must have the relevant vaccinations and they must be microchipped. An application for a cat passport is a fixed rate of £60.

End of Life

How much does it cost to put a cat to sleep?

Before you get a cat the last thing you will want to think of is when you ultimately have to say goodbye to them, however, it is still important to do so. Unfortunately, euthanasia of your cat is not a free service. On average, it will cost around £100 to have your cat put to sleep, however, this can vary depending on the clinic you use.

How much does cat cremation cost?

If you choose to have your cat cremated then again this will cost you money. Cremation is often the favoured option for cat owners after their pet has passed on. There are different types of cremation that can vary in price, however, on average, a basic cremation will cost around £130.

What is the lifetime cost of owning a cat?

So what is the lifetime cost of owning a cat? Below is a table of the yearly cost of owning a cat based on the average figures above, as well as a rough overview of the potential lifetime cost of owning a cat.

Based on these figures above, the average yearly cost of owning a cat will be around £1,800.38 and the average lifetime cost of owning a cat will be around £23,607.82.


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