Aktivait for Dogs


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What is Aktivait?

Aktivait is a natural ingredient-based nutraceutical supplement designed for cats and dogs. It comes in a tablet form, and may offer a range of benefits. These include supporting overall health and wellbeing, as well as specifically improving mental alertness and cognitive function.

Aktivait’s key components are antioxidants and compounds which support optimum metabolism and functioning in the brain’s cells which have a symbiotic relationship with cognitive function.

What are the benefits of using Aktivait?

As cats and dogs age, their levels of cognitive function may decrease, which can impact their quality of life and become a significant source of distress to their owners. Aktivait targets some of the causes of decreased cognitive function and may lead to its restoral. Aktivait may help prevent free radical damage to brain cells and improve neurological transmission within the brain.

As a cat or dog’s cognitive function improves, benefits that their owner may observe include increased alertness, higher energy levels, and greater willingness to engage in social settings. One particular benefit that is more pronounced in dogs than cats, is improved obedience after taking Aktivait, as well as willingness to engage in training.

It could be said that Aktivait gives previously lethargic and ageing cats and dogs a new lease of life, and many owners take great pleasure in seeing this.              

How to use Aktivait

Aktivait comes in a tablet form and should be administered orally. It can either be given by mouth or added to your cat or dog’s food, at an appropriate dosage level:

  1. Cats should be given one Aktivait Cat capsule a day
  2. Dogs weighing up to 10kg should be given one Aktivait Small Dog tablet a day
  3. Dogs weighing up to 20kg should be given one Aktivait Medium/Large Dog tablet a day
  4. Dogs weighing over 20kg should be given two Aktivait Medium/Large Dog tablet a day

Noticeable improvements are observed within three or four weeks of supplementation, but this needs to be maintained for benefits to continue into the longer term.

How to order an Aktivait

Simply add this product to your basket and check out as normal. No veterinary prescription is required to purchase Aktivait.