Adaptil Travel Spray


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What is Adaptil travel Spray?

Adaptil Travel Spray is a pheromone-based product that may have calming effects on stressed, anxious, and fearful dogs. It comes in a small bottle and is sprayable, so is particularly useful while travelling. Pheromones are chemicals which can impact animals’ behaviour in various ways, and have been used in this instance to help regulate dogs’ emotions in certain situations. This product may be useful for car journeys if your dog does not like travelling, or when settling into new environments.

Adaptil Travel Spray provides short-term relief around certain potentially stressful events, and should not be viewed as a long-term fix for anxiety-based behavioural issues.

What are the benefits of using Adaptil Travel Spray?

Adaptil Travel Spray can help nervous and anxious dogs better adapt to their environment during short-term events that are stressful. A second order effect of this is potentially reducing problematic behaviours that owners find difficult, i.e. barking, anxious defecation, and destructive chewing.

As this product comes in the form of a spray, it is very versatile. Recommended applications include on new bedding; cars before long journeys if your dog does not like travelling; or where it will meet new people if it is not very sociable. 

How to use Adaptil Travel Spray

Adaptil Travel Spray should be used approximately fifteen minutes in advance of your dog arriving at a given place. This time gives the spray and its scent time to settle so it can be fully benefited from. If additional spraying is necessary, then this should be done every four hours. This product should not be directly sprayed onto your dog.

Adaptil Travel Spray can be used alongside other Adaptil products such as Express Tablets and various collars. If your dog’s behavioural issues continue though, it is best to seek advice from your vet or a qualified behaviourist. 

How to order an Adaptil Travel Spray

Simply add this product to your basket and check out as normal. No veterinary prescription is required to purchase Adaptil Travel Spray.