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What are Adaptil Express Tablets?

Adaptil Express Tablets are an oral medication designed to help dogs regulate their emotions in difficult situations, specifically where stressfully high noise levels are present. 

Situations where Adaptil Express Tablets may be appropriate include during firework displays and thunderstorms, or when a noisy party is taking place nearby.  

Adaptil Express Tablets are suitable for dogs of all ages.  

What are the benefits of using an Adaptil Express Tablets?

The primary benefits of using an Adaptil Express Tablets are behavioural. It helps dogs cope better with stressfully noisy situations where they may otherwise display problematic behaviours such as anxious defecation, barking, and destructive chewing. 

Adaptil Express Tablets are particularly useful around Bonfire Night (5th November in the UK when fireworks are popular), and best utilised in advance of a predictable and potentially stressfully noisy event. 

How to use an Adaptil Express Tablets

Adaptil Express Tablets should be orally administered to your dog before a stressfully noisy event takes place. They take approximately two hours to begin working, so are best given in advance of a specific event. Additional tablets may be given after six hours have elapsed. Dosages do vary based on the size of the dog receiving them, though. They are as follows:

  • Half a tablet for dogs weighing up to 10kg
  • One tablet for dogs weighing 10-20kg
  • Two tablets for dogs weighing 20-30kg
  • Three tablets for dogs weighing over 30kg

These tablets may be safely used in conjunction with other Adaptil products such as collars and the Home Diffuser, but are only suitable for occasional individual events. Adaptil Express Tablets should not be used for ongoing issues as veterinary intervention is more appropriate. Similarly, Adaptil Express Tablets should not be used in an attempt to reduce a given dog’s aggression towards humans or other animals. 

Adaptil Express Tablets are not suitable for use in pregnant or lactating dogs, and can be used from eight weeks of age.

How to order an Adaptil Express Tablets

Simply add this product to your basket and check out as normal. No veterinary prescription is required to purchase  Adaptil Express Tablets.