Adaptil Calm Diffuser


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What is the Adaptil Calm Diffuser?

The Adaptil Calm Diffuser is a specialist plug-in unit designed to help dogs regulate their emotions in difficult situations, primarily within a home setting. These diffusers emit an imitation of the pheromone bitches naturally release to calm and placate their litter. Widely recommended by veterinarians, these diffusers are an easy and low-maintenance way of helping your dog regulate its emotions.

Situations where Adaptil Calm Diffusers may be appropriate include during firework displays and thunderstorms, when moving your dog into a new setting (i.e. holiday kennels or a different house), or around new people if they are not particularly social.

Adaptil Calm Diffusers are suitable for dogs of all ages. 

What are the benefits of using an Adaptil Calm Diffuser?

The primary benefits of using an Adaptil Calm Diffuser are behavioural. This product mimics natural processes which have a calming effect on stressed, anxious, and fearful dogs allowing them to cope better with their surroundings. This in turn may allow for an improved quality of life as the dog benefiting from an Adaptil Calm Diffuser experiences less stress, fear, and anxiety.

As dogs become less stressed, anxious, and fearful, they often become easier to live with and demonstrate increased willingness to engage in new experiences. Behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and stress-induced incontinence chewing and scratching may also decrease.

How to use an Adaptil Calm Diffuser

To use an Adaptil Calm Diffuser, purchase and plug into a wall plug socket. This product should not be plugged in in confined spaces (i.e. in shelving units, behind doors and curtains, beneath furniture, or in corners) as it will not be able to work effectively. The units themselves should be checked and replenished every month, and replaced twice a year at six monthly intervals. Usual electric safety precautions apply, i.e. not using on a damaged socket and avoiding overloaded sockets.

How to order an Adaptil Calm Diffuser

Simply add this product to your basket and check out as normal. No veterinary prescription is required to purchase an Adaptil Calm Diffuser.